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Shenzhen Tianbang Weiye Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional provider of customized design solutions. It is dedicated to the design and development of semiconductor devices, software, soft, hard and cloud electronic information technology service platforms. Since its establishment, it has developed more than 200 A mature standard electronic product solution. Founded in 2010, the company has more than ten years of development history, management and cultural heritage. Offices and service centers have also been established in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. The company provides professional devices, soft, hard, cloud one-stop IoT cloud platform solutions, production services of diversified high-tech companies, and condensed and formed a team of first-class electronic application development engineers, they also cultivated a professional A team of microcontroller programs and embedded system design engineers, Tianbang professional technical service staff to provide customers with detailed solutions to reduce costs and improve efficiency. application development engineers, and has cultivated itself. Professional MCU program and embedded system design engineer team, more than 20 professional technical service personnel to provide customers with detailed solutions to reduce costs and improve efficiency.
Since its inception, Tianbang Weiye Technology has experienced more than ten years of experience in the development and design of intelligent software and hardware solutions for electronic products and semiconductors. Its business scope covers advanced mobile app development, smart home systems, electronic technology, electronic circuit design and PCB design. Technical services such as circuit board design, microcontroller technology, intelligent control, embedded systems, intelligent controllers, analog digital circuits, Internet of Things projects, cloud services, cloud computing, cloud computing, big data management software design, including product development concepts, Marketing model upgrades, product update iterations, and five-star after-sales platform builds.
Has served a total of including Midea, Gree, TCL, Skyworth Group, Laird, Topband Electronics, Desai Battery, Sidon Lighting, and Hetai, Chint Group, Lianchuang Electric Group, Hengjie Sanitary Ware Group, Jiu'an Medical More than 100 enterprises, high-end enterprises and home electronics manufacturing companies, such as Vantage and Angel Group, have developed more than 200 application designs for electronic products.
Tianbang Weiye Technology has always adhered to the "customer first" business philosophy, adhere to the integrity of management, service, focus on providing intimate and high-quality intelligent application development services for the majority of users; always remember that service quality is the cornerstone of Tianbang Weiye's survival, The reason why customers choose Tianbang Weiye, Tianbang Weiye and customers balance opportunities and risks, and respond quickly to customer needs. In the future, Tianbang Weiye will face the problem, dig deep into the roots, and strive to improve the status quo of the industry to solve customer pain points. For the future, Tianbang Weiye will vigorously improve the comprehensive level of the company, strive to enhance its own scientific and technological research and development strength, and pour into the wisdom of the prosperity of the intelligent hardware era, and cooperate with enterprises to achieve sustainable development goals.


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Add: 112, Building C, Tianhui Building, Donghuan 1st Road, Longhua New District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

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