Our service advantage

With strong technical force and a strong R&D team that has been deeply involved in the industry for many years, through continuous innovation, patent and intellectual property services, product hardware circuit, software program design, product debugging and sample production, system software development, APP design, cloud Service and big data development, customer product project evaluation, test verification, product after-sales technical support, product maturity solutions and motherboard chip custom research and development and other R&D subdivision systems are organized in parallel.

        The R&D team has a standardized development system and rigorous scientific management system methods, equipped with complete and complete R&D equipment, and can provide customers with standardized cost-reduction and efficiency-enhancing program development and design services throughout the entire process. As long as the customer puts forward the functional requirements of the product, the R&D team can quickly promote the R&D process through the software platform, hardware platform and cloud service, and develop intelligent IoT product solutions for the customer.

       Tianbang Weiye has established a stable strategic cooperative relationship with upstream and downstream partners in the industry chain. At the same time, we are a chip agent, cost forecasting and decision analysis to reduce costs.

        Has a professional R&D team, including operator skills, parts quality and delivery, maintenance technology and standards, quality assurance, and factory environment. In the spirit of customer-centricity, the different requirements of customers will change in real time according to customer needs, and customized service solutions can be provided.
        Through continuous contact with customers over the years, we have learned that customized services can better meet market needs, and electronic product customers are more interested in customized solutions. For this reason, we continue to improve the level of customized services, follow the market trend and innovate product functions. Solutions tailored to unique needs provide maximum value to customers.

        Partners provide you with a full range of service guarantees, from computer hardware to operating systems, product drivers, and security software, and provide a complete set of cost-effective electronic product solutions customization services, whether it is single-board development or system customization. Can be completed quickly, reducing time-to-market for customers' products.


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