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Tianbang Weiye Technology Electronic Product Industrial Design Process


Tianbang Weiye Technology Electronic Product Industrial Design Process

First, the project starts

The project is filed and the project schedule is produced.

Second, product planning

Competitive brand analysis, using environmental analysis.

Third, the design

Sketch, draw 2D renderings, 3D modeling / 3D renderings.

Fourth, structural design

Hardware stacking, mold cost budget evaluation, innovative structure, submit mold 3D documents.

Fifth, the production of the hand

Appearance hand-made, structural hand-made.

Six, mold making

Mold design, product injection molding, product assembly.

Mold design and production

Tianbang Weiye Technology Industrial Design Services

  Market positioning

      After Tianbang Weiye Technology and the customer determine the design cooperation, we will arrange the market personnel and designers to communicate with the customer specifically, to clarify the customer's design content, requirements and product design goals.

Market research

Market research is an essential step in the development of designers. This process requires industrial designers to understand the market conditions of the products, the status of the competitors of the products, the stage of the life cycle of the products, and the opinions of users and vendors on the products. . These are the basis for design positioning and design creation.

Discussion finalization

The designer gathers the sketch schemes and brainstorms the finalization plan. The scheme will be more detailed, including product color scheme, material technology, interface scheme and even product architecture. Structural engineers will also step in and make some constructive comments on the feasibility of the program, such as structural realization, demoulding problems, product strength, matching of internal structure and appearance, and so on.


First, different styles of 2D or 3D renderings will be designed to review the customer. If the 2D and 3D renderings provided by Saiyi Technology are not recognized by the customer, the customer needs to make specific optimization and modification suggestions based on the review records. Saiyi Technology will cooperate with the optimization and modification within three times until the customer is satisfied. After the customer confirms in writing, Tianbang Weiye Technology will continue the next structural design.

Design picture

Structural design

After the customer approves the design proposal, the structural engineer or related personnel of Tianbang Weiye Technology cooperate with the customer to complete the structural design within the specified time. We will fully consider some factors, including the feasibility, rationality, mold manufacturing cost, speed, assembly and finished product production process. The structural design drawings provided by Tianbang Weiye Technology will provide 2D conversion services after the customer has fully confirmed, and the project will be closed.


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