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How to do intelligent electronic product development


Shenzhen Tianbang Weiye Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional intelligent electronic product solution development company. The company's electronic product development includes software development, operation and maintenance of software, hard and cloud technology service platforms. The company is leading domestically. The supplier of electronic products solutions has more than 10,000 mature smart electronic product development solutions. Let's talk about how to do our smart electronic product development.

Intelligent electronic product development
First, the overall design

1. Demand Analysis: Our R&D engineers will understand and determine the customer's needs for smart electronic product development. For example, determine the amount of data to be measured and the number of ways to determine the number of objects and objects to be controlled.

2. Solution: Our R&D engineers will determine a better way to solve the demand, such as plc or single-chip microcomputer. After determining the single-chip microcomputer, it is necessary to determine whether it is 2051 or 8031 or 8051. Which company's products are Atmel or Motorola's products. When choosing these, in addition to considering the performance of the chip, economic factors and practical value should be considered.

Second, detailed design

1. Select circuit: Select the appropriate circuit according to the needs of the environment. For example, when using 8051 to achieve control purposes, choose whether to use parallel port or serial port output; also when using high-power circuit, use thyristor or relay. These choices are based on specific environmental conditions and circuit parameters. If it is not suitable for relays, other methods must be considered.

2. Circuit board: Protel software is used to make the schematic diagram, then package, make PCB circuit board, and then through the printing, transfer, corrosion, welding and other processes, the actual circuit board is produced. Part of the process in this step, we will naturally understand after learning Protel in the next semester.

Third, debugging

1. Coarse adjustment: Use a simple program to debug each function module separately to see if it can complete the specified task. The main purpose of this step is to see if the circuit is available, for example, to display the corresponding value of the LED. If it is not displayed properly, check the corresponding circuit.

2. Programming and debugging: In the case of coarse adjustment, use the programmed program to debug the whole system. When the programming task is quite heavy, the program function block combination should be used to adjust the parameters of the function block to adapt to the current task. In the debugging process of this step, our company will use tools such as programmers and anti-realizers.

 Electronic product programming and debugging
Saiyi Technology employees are working on electronic product programming and debugging

Fourth, write a document

Documentation is very important to a system, it helps the examiner understand the uniqueness of the system, and can increase the interest of others in your system. If the overall design is a good start, then a good document is a good ending. To write a document to be faithful to the original design, we will clarify the design ideas and let customers understand the benefits of the system.

Finally, through the above development process, the courses we use include "Digital Circuits", "Analog Circuits", "Electrical Engineering", "Protel", "Single Chip Application" and so on. In the development of IoT intelligent electronic product solutions, Saiyi Technology has a strong R&D team. The company has gathered and established a strong team of domestic electronic technology development engineers, and has trained a professional MCU program and embedded system design engineer team. With more than 800 professional and technical service personnel, the company can help customers to provide intelligent electronic product development that reduces costs and improves efficiency. The company has its own success stories. We have cooperated with more than 3,000 listed companies and famous electronic product manufacturers such as Midea, Gree, TCL, Skyworth Group, Laird, Gion Group, Scud, Jiu'an Medical and Tuoyu Group. Cooperation.


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