After-sales service

From the date of receipt by the consignee, the warranty period of the products sold depends on different categories and different repairs.

Mail must specify
board model;
Number of boards;
Company name and the name of the salesperson who will follow up your company;
After the repair board is repaired, send it back to the contact address of your company;
The courier number of the repaired board;
Whether a repair report is required.

Inside the repair box
Each motherboard must have a fault sticker, describing the fault (especially important, if there is no fault sticker, our after-sales staff will simply test it once, and return it if there is no problem, so it may not be repaired. Division does not undertake)
There is a delivery note in the box or a piece of A4 paper that also indicates the company information.

Out-of-the-box feedback and repairs
1. The purchased items are out of the warranty period. Please keep the date barcode on the item. If there is no barcode with the date of manufacture, our company will treat it as an out-of-warranty product.
2. Damage caused by improper storage or accident, such as damage caused by falling, squeezing, immersion in water, high temperature, exposure to the sun, etc.
3. Man-made damage or failure to install and use the product as required, such as connecting the wrong power supply, inserting the board into the wrong slot, using damaged parts and components to overlap, short-circuit, static electricity, etc.
4. Disassembled or repaired by non-authorized service personnel of our company.
5. Damage caused by abnormal physical pressure, electromagnetic interference, unstable power supply, electrostatic interference, surge impact, poor grounding and other factors.
6. Other damages caused by force majeure such as natural disasters, such as earthquakes, typhoons, floods, fires, lightning strikes, wars, etc.
In the above 6 cases, the following cases are not free warranty;
If the motherboard is repaired normally, we will repair it normally and return it to your company within working days;
According to your company's mail needs to provide a repair report and a delivery note.

After-sales service process
1. Problem feedback: If customers have problems during use, they should communicate with after-sales personnel.
2. Understand the needs: The salesman asks the customer to describe the problems and needs in use and provide solutions.
3. Solution:
Remote coordination, such as some application operation problems, can be solved remotely;
Return for maintenance, motherboard hardware problems, and software debugging, please indicate the fault phenomenon, send it to our designated location for maintenance, and our company will send it back after the repair.
Return and exchange, after negotiation between the two parties, our company will check the returned product, and agree to return and exchange the product under the condition that the product does not affect the secondary sales.


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