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The pace of 5G is getting closer and closer, what role will SiP play?

The global 5G communication generation will be commercialized in 2020, and the technology giants Samsung Electronics, Huawei, Qualcomm, etc. are actively deploying, although for Taiwanese chip makers, 2021~2022 is the real outbreak period, but consider the research and development momentum. We must not delay the investment. The latter part of the packaging and testing industry has been thinking about various new-state packaging technologies. It is expected that the 5G generation will have a big change compared to 4G. It is necessary to include a system-in-package (SiP) with several ICs. Will play a very important packaging process in the 5G generation.

      The industry estimates that the 5G market will create a global hardware and software supply system with a value of US$580 billion by 2020. By then, 2G smartphone sales will be 2 million, and in 2025, more than 1.1 billion will be erupted. The substitution effect will quickly become a smartphone market. The most important growth kinetic energy. Due to the sophistication of the internal module technology of 5G smart phones, the packaging technology must take into account the light and short requirements of semiconductors for mobile devices, and have multiple functions. The new state of SiP will become the key packaging technology of the 5G generation.


      In fact, from the development trend of TSMC, ASE, MediaTek and other players, the need for 5G generation of advanced SiP packaging technology has been highlighted. The semiconductor industry revealed that next-generation packaging technology will introduce more Fan-Out packages, such as FO-AIP antenna packages for 5G front-end modules.

      It is worth noting that as TSMC enters the field of advanced packaging, the wires that are published under the process of 10 nanometers are connected to each other by two bare crystals, called System-on-Integrated-Chips (SoICs) packaging technology, which is quite similar. SiP package, which means that SiP package is no longer just a strong point of professional packaging and testing foundry, TSMC has entered the field of SiP packaging, no longer limited to the advanced packaging of single chip.

      The packaging tester said that SiP will be an important packaging technology for the 5G generation, such as the 5G radio frequency (RF) module architecture, which is obviously different from the 4G era, which will include 12 to 16 ICs, which makes the importance of SiP increase. The packaging and testing industry, such as the investment control and the news core, will benefit from the positive layout. The related SiP packaging substrate manufacturers such as Jing Shuo can also benefit from synchronization.

      The packaging and testing industry pointed out that in the current development pace, the Taiwanese IC design industry is slightly slower. Hanfang Samsung and Luchang Huawei are very active in 5G business opportunities. For the latter stage of the packaging and testing industry, even in the second half of 2019. There will be 5G chip test revenue contribution, Taiwanese manufacturers believe that the actual fermentation time is after 2021, but it is the right way to prepare for the resources as soon as possible, and it is also conducive to the supply system with more ink in the SiP package.


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