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NB-IoT technology has a wide application prospect in intelligent door lock

With the advent of the Internet of Things era, people are paying more and more attention to the home environment. It is because the smart door locks are convenient and safe, and they are gradually accepted by people. Smart door locks are classified according to their own technology, including fingerprint recognition, voice recognition, finger vein recognition, face recognition, etc., so that smart door locks become more high-end! NB-IoT technology on smart door locks Applications have great prospects.

NB-IoT technology intelligence
Smart door locks can also be connected with smart home products such as smart home appliances, smart audio and video, home security, etc. through the Internet of Things, realizing the artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction that are difficult to achieve with mechanical locks, and can extend more application scenarios and provide more abundant support. Service, in the industry application market, can be connected to the Anxinqiao community police cloud system, public rental housing management platform, campus door lock management platform, providing community/family/industry market security network alarm operation services, therefore, the Internet of Things smart door lock is bound to become the future The general trend.

The application of NB-IoT technology on smart door locks has great prospects. NB-IoT transmission technology further guarantees the security of door lock data transmission; low power consumption overcomes the battery life challenge of battery-powered smart door locks; as a door for asset management, door locks, cabinet locks, traffic locks, etc. Types of locks require wider coverage and are more convenient, more stable, and safer than traditional WiFi communication. A door lock that communicates, has ideas, can speak, and reports in a timely manner will play an important role in asset management, access management, and public security management.

NB-IoT and other data comparison table
With the smart door lock, on the one hand, people don't have to take the key, which saves the trouble of forgetting to bring the key and losing the key. On the other hand, smart door locks can also be linked to the safety of the family, solving people's more security claims.

Smart door locks are added to home smart home applications. Once connected to the Internet, remote control unlocking applications (such as home owners in the unit, through remote control of door locks, to achieve the application of the elderly, children or visitors to the door), then The risk will be greatly improved, and the family will be buried a relatively large security risk. Responsible smart lock brands will install security chips to ensure the security of the device and the encrypted transmission of information, to ensure the security of user information to the utmost extent. However, it cannot be said that the risks are completely eliminated. It can only be said that continuous research and development adopts new technologies to continuously improve security.
Smart door locks are at the forefront of the first guard of family safety, and safety is at its core. The purpose of intelligence is to make customers safer, more convenient, and not to deviate from security services. The realization of intelligent network security issues, electronic information confidentiality issues, coupled with the original mechanical lock itself security issues, is a key issue of whether a smart door lock is reliable.

Mechanical lock core safety

Each smart door lock has an emergency-locked mechanical lock cylinder. The safety level of this mechanical lock is divided into three levels: A, B, and C. Smart door locks are recommended with a C-class mechanical lock cylinder.

The mechanical locks are normally installed, and the mechanical anti-theft locks are protected against drilling, anti-saw, anti-smashing and anti-smashing by using conventional tools such as crowbars, steel bars, screwdrivers, pipe wrenches, hand hammers, toggle tools, portable electric drills, and hand-held hacksaws. Pulling, anti-shock, anti-technical opening test and anti-technical opening test of cryptographic mechanical anti-theft lock, the net working time of the lock being destroyed and opened shall be not less than the following table.

Mechanical lock, minimal damage to net working hours

Electronic components anti-jamming performance

On May 26, 2018, on the first day of the 9th China (Yongkang) International Door Industry Expo, a young woman named Wang Haili used the small black box below to open the smart locks of 8 brands on the spot. It took only 3 seconds to get it fast! It caused an uproar in the industry circle. The common people have questioned the security of smart locks.

However, on July 11, 2018, sponsored by Guangdong Mustang Security Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong Dongxun Anti-theft Equipment Co., Ltd. assisted many national industry organizations and representatives to support the "Tesla Coil" (Black Box) Technology Open Challenge. 》Opened at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Zhongshan, Guangdong. The organizer offered a reward of 1 million challenges "Tesla Coil" (black box) unlocking tool, designed to escort the national smart lock industry. The result of the challenge is the domestic brand Mustang smart lock "winning".

A small number of brand smart lock products are opened by "Tesla Coil" (black box) due to lack of anti-interference ability, or the product structure is unreasonable, and some manufacturers fail to use the raw materials to save costs, and more technical strength, original brand It can't be opened at all.

Data interaction security

Most of the products on the market, because of a high-level encryption system, from the cost to the technical requirements are very high, so everyone will focus on the use of intelligent functions, as a selling point of hype. Because "security" is invisible and intangible, and the high cost is obvious. At present, these smart door locks are longer than convenience, but shorter than security.

The data exchange between the master MCU and the external communication module in the smart lock mostly uses the UART and SPI interfaces. It is recommended that the data on these paths be AES encrypted before transmission. The encrypted key can be agreed with the module manufacturer in advance. In this way, even if the lock is removed as a whole, the data of these communication ports is analyzed, and the original raw data information cannot be easily obtained without the factory key.

Violent attacks, also known as exhaustive attacks, in which each possible key is exhausted in order to decrypt the operation until the correct key is found, the successful cracking algorithm requires an average of half of the key space. The table below gives the average time for the AES algorithm to be based on brute force attacks with different length keys.

The average time required to exhaust the attack key

Locks, which have a history of development for thousands of years, have always been the "protective gods" in people's minds, no matter how they evolved along with social development. Smart lock companies should not forget their original intentions and stick to their ingenuity. They will make unremitting efforts for the use of safe lock products for people in China.


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