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First, the need to determine the problem

Small programs can be used as an aid to the service number. Some brands even rely on small programs to improve a lot of business. However, if blindly choose to develop a small program that users do not need and use is not high enough, after putting into use, the manpower and material resources paid in the early stage will not be rewarded accordingly, then it will not be worth the loss.

So the first problem encountered when developing small programs is to determine the requirements: the enterprise needs no small programs and what type of small programs are needed.
Small program development

Small programs are more suitable for brands that need to be tightly integrated online and offline. They are more suitable for brands that are high-frequency, run-down, and functional requirements are not very complicated, such as Mobike, McDonald's, KFC, and today's headlines. Therefore, when developing a small program, the positioning and requirements of the small program should be considered clearly.

Second, the product's native problem

It has only been released for more than half a year since the release of the small program. Although the threshold is low, the threshold is low, but after all, it is a newborn calf, and it still has more or less native problems.

Interface: The small program has already opened nearly 50 entries, but its step-by-step sharing of friends is still a lot of problems for developers and brands.

Security: At present, many financial small programs have been suspended because of the hidden dangers of payment security. At present, the most popular programs are Mobike, McDonald's, Starbucks, etc. All of them belong to the fast-moving category. Since it involves consumption, it is necessary for user funds security. Powerful security system for support.

Speed: As a small program of the slimming version of the app, if the opening speed is too slow, it will affect the user experience.

Compatibility: At present, the small programs developed through the development tools are not built with the mobile phone. Simply speaking, the developed small programs will display different situations on IOS and Android.

The provided components are not perfect: for example, WebView and ImageView are not available. Generally, HTML5, IOS, and Android can use WebView directly, but the applet needs to be packaged by the developer using the components provided by the applet.

Not friendly to third-party plugins: The scripting language of applets only supports native JavaScript, and many excellent third-party frameworks are temporarily unavailable.

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These native problems are the problems that all small programs are facing, but the evolutionary speed of small programs will make these problems disappear, and we can continue to pay attention.

Third, the development team problem

In general, a standard WeChat applet development team consists of the following:

Product Manager: Plan the entire development process and arrange the work of each person to ensure the normal development of the project.

UI Designer: Design the product interface and be responsible for the final result of the product UI.

Front-end engineer: Design the interface diagram in the UI and implement it in the form of code.

The back-end engineer's back-end framework is built together with the front-end and the front-end to build the entire framework of the product.

Tester: Responsible for comprehensive testing of the product, identifying areas where the system is unreasonable and bugs.

For small businesses, if there is no existing development team, the first reaction is to find outsourcing. However, the quality of the outsourcing team's service is uneven. It is also very troublesome and inconvenient when there is a need to adjust the function. It is better to do it yourself. The lowest cost is 0 yuan, even if it is a paid version, it is not a half-month salary of a senior designer.

Small program development

Fourth, the development cost problem

Objectively speaking, Shang Junjun believes that the development cost of small programs includes both time cost and labor cost.

Time costs:

Normally, the time required for a small program project to start development and finally go online is 20 days. This time is affected by the technical level of the team members. If it is an inexperienced team, the development cycle will be greatly lengthened. If it is just formed. It takes a certain amount of time for the team to run in the early stage, which will greatly affect the development progress of the project.

Labor costs:

First, do math problems: multiply and calculate according to daily labor cost and working day.

Product Manager 600 yuan / person / working day * 2 business days +

UI Designer 600 RMB / person / working day * 3 business days +

Engineer 800 yuan / person / working day * 3 working days +

Back-end development engineer 800 yuan / person / working day * 10 working days +

Test Engineer 500 RMB / person / working day * 2 working days =

1200+1800+2400+8000+1000=14400 yuan

The above is the minimum input cost required for a company to develop a complete WeChat applet product (about 10 pages).

The cost of the applet is at least 1/10 of the APP, which is why it attracts so much attention and participation from developers and businesses.

There are three reasons for the cost reduction: the development time of the small program is about 1/6 of the APP; the framework of the applet is clearly limited, and cannot exceed 1MB. The memory limit indicates the reduction of the function; WeChat also has other programs for the small program. Restrictions: For example, it is not possible to personalize and not develop a membership system. These all reduce the development cost of small programs.

It is not difficult to see that for ordinary SMEs, it is a uneconomical investment to build a small program development team in terms of time cost and labor cost. With the increasing demand for small program development by the brand side, a large number of excellent development teams or enterprises have emerged in the market, and the outstanding representatives are among them.

Small program development

Five, small program promotion issues

After the small program is launched, the first problem to be faced is promotion. There are four main difficulties in the promotion of small programs: no fans, no article push, no small program store, no friends circle sharing function. It does not have a platform for self-presentation and promotion, nor can it be shared through friends.

Therefore, if the brand wants to promote its own small program, it needs to use the spread of small program code, service number guidance, and article push advertising to achieve.

Sixth, data monitoring issues

Because there are no fans, it is impossible to forward restrictions such as friends, making the data monitoring of small programs seem a little difficult. Fortunately, the current WeChat official provides the basic statistical function "small program data assistant", which can monitor the data of the small program in real time, which is convenient for operators and developers to make corresponding adjustments and upgrades.

In summary, although the small program currently has some problems, it is the starting point for the next era of the Internet, and it is rapidly improving itself. Today, when the public pays more and more attention to the experience, how to use small programs is a topic that every brand needs to take seriously.
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