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◆ T520B has excellent heat dissipation effect, the industry's first, compared with the current use of the same heat dissipation materials, leading the heat conduction characteristics and effects.
◆ T520B material has a thermal conductivity of (1340W/m-k) and a high thermal conductivity equivalent to metallic silver (429W/m-k), higher than copper (390W/m-k) and aluminum (237W/m-k).
Thermal diffusivity (2.5cm2/sec) is similar to that of graphite (3.3cm2/sec).
The thermal expansion coefficient of 7.0ppm/K is equivalent to the low thermal expansion coefficient of 7.2ppm/K ceramics, which can greatly improve the reliability and life of the application.
◆ It is a composite material of aluminum and XX. It is manufactured by high-pressure casting method and has the advantage of cost-effective cost.

◆ Can be seamlessly packaged with LEDs, chips, and PCB boards.

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