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  • Small mini mini pico projector solution
Small mini mini pico projector solution

Small mini mini pico projector solution

  • Small mini mini pico projector solution
  • Product description: Haiqi A110 chip has strong performance and economic price Resolution can be customized 320*240p/800*480P Body size can be customized Brightness 800/2600lumens (24ANSI) Image systemLCD/DLP Support

The rise of smart home appliances improves home life, emphasizes residential safety, convenience, comfort, artistry, and realizes an environment-friendly and energy-saving living environment. In the past, projectors were only used in cinemas, conferences, offices, and public places. Environmental impact, projectors also have a certain subdivision, household projectors can gradually reach the general consumption of one person, and the price ranges from several hundred to several thousand. Through the mature technology of projection, the sales trend of mini projectors is also rising. The following are Micro projector solution providers to introduce.

The mini projector is compact and easy to carry. The size of the mini projector is similar to that of a power bank. It is very convenient to put in your pocket, and the application scene can be used anywhere. However, it is worth mentioning that the brightness and resolution were originally designed for The two most important indicators for projectors, but small projectors have made certain concessions on some hardware because they have to take into account portability and dexterity. Therefore, if you really want to choose a small projector solution, then the brightness and Resolution is no longer the first element of choice, and more functions and gameplay are what we should pay attention to.

The projector chip in the mini projector solution is Haiqi B100, which contains a 32-bit RISC CPU, clocked at 800MHZ, and has a wealth of peripheral devices. Including USB OTG all the way, USB HOST all the way, IR, video decoder, audio DAC, SD/MMC, spi NAND or SPI NOR, support DDR2. The chip has built-in multi-format video decoder, 2D graphics accelerator, high-quality display engine and flexible audio DMA engine. The whole chip has high system performance, which can meet various video and audio applications with on-screen display

Operating System Multi-Media
Focus Mode Manual
Image system LCD
Lamp LED
Contrast 500:1
Local resources 320*240p
Brightness 800lumens (24ANSI)
Power 12V-2A
keystone /
Input USB/AV/HDMI/TF/5V2A Power in
Energy consumption 20W(MAX)
Lamp life 20000Hours
Projection area 0.6-4M
Size 11.4*8.7*5cm
Projection size 16-100(inches)
Net weight 0.26KG
Aspect ratio 4:3/16:9
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