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  • Advertising Projector Lamp
Advertising Projector Lamp

Advertising Projector Lamp

  • Advertising Projector Lamp
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  • Product description: Advertising projection lamp, (imaging spotlight), an innovative new media display tool for advertising, which uses a high-brightness light source and uses the principle of optical projection imaging t

Advertising projection light, also known as imaging spotlight, is an innovative new media display tool for advertising. It uses a high-brightness light source and uses the principle of optical projection imaging to project the contents of the negative on the wall, ground, water surface and other media that can reflect light, and then form a polar Visually striking images.

The projection lamp has the characteristics of being free from geographical and space restrictions, which solves the difficulties of slow approval of traditional advertisement production and high cost of posting and maintenance. The advertising projection lamp is small in size, novel in form, rich and dynamic in the form of picture, energy saving and environmental protection, low in cost, and can add color to lighting at night, and it does not have the characteristics of installation and production costs of tens of thousands of traditional advertising media, which are favored by customers. It is very suitable for the efficient operation of modern urban commercials.

Projector lamp chip TB100 ARM processor full watt high brightness
A cost-effective single-chip solution for high-definition multimedia, the TB100 contains a 32-bit RISC CPU and rich peripherals,
Common peripherals include USB EHCI host/device, TV encoder, audio DAC, SD/MMC, SPI NAND and SPI NOR, SIP DDR2, etc.
The main control chip has built-in multi-format video decoder, 2D graphics accelerator, high-quality display engine and flexible audio DMA engine

The whole chip provides high system performance, which can meet various video and audio applications, and can provide projection lamp chips

Color-change projection can be performed according to the needs of the scene, and the time for pattern color change can be set
Any type of pattern can be customized according to customer requirements
One light projection, multiple images are switched in turn, and the next image is automatically switched in 5 seconds
The lifespan is as long as 30000~80000H, and the power consumption is optimized and upgraded to save power
Multiple heat dissipation, plus cold forging radiator mixed heat dissipation
New optical "duplex projection" light transmittance +20%
The upper and lower angles can be adjusted to 180°, and the base can be adjusted 0-180° left and right
Working environment -40℃~60℃
Color temperature 3200K-8500K
Lumens 3000-12000LM
Working frequency 50-60Hz
Light efficiency power 16W/20W/25W/30W
6-piece optical lens ultra-clear projection, high-precision imaging, clarity +100%
Provide main control chip, projection lamp PCBA, whole machine OEM/ODM service

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